How to book a Guesthouse in Korea

//How to book a Guesthouse in Korea

How to book a Guesthouse in Korea

Living cost in South Korea is not cheap. You may need to spend minimum 50USD for a night of staying. But now Korvia has teamed-up with Kimchee Guesthouse (one of the leading Guesthouse franchise in Korea) to book a room or bed anytime in Seoul and Busan. Not only that but you will be able to receive your exclusive 20% rate discount because you are a “Korvian”!

Kimchee Guesthouses in Korea provide a genuinely unique travelers experience which offers you a safe, comfortable and cheap accommodation with excellent facilities. We offer free Wi-Fi, cozy common areas with TV & computers w/ Internet(FREE) and of course a great friendly atmosphere where you can meet other like-minded people.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Kimchee Guesthouse!

1. Reasonable Price

The biggest concern for international travel is budget. Accommodation at hotels may be too expensive for a long period of stay.  However, Kimchee guest house provides the affordable price. For just $15-20 a night, you can stay at Kimchee Guesthouse for a long period.

2. Located in Downtown

Kimchee Guesthouse is located in the downtown of Seoul and Busan. Their location provides easy access to subway, restaurants, cafe, bars and more. As you can stay right near the city, you do not have to worry about taking long and expensive taxi rides back to your hotel. For example, Korvia party is held every semester in Itaewon and teachers can stay at Kimchee guesthouse before or after the party with their friends.

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3. English speaking friendly staff

Kimchee Guesthouse is known for their friendly staff who speaks English. It is known that most of the travelers who stay at the guesthouse are foreigners, so the staff just knows what you need! There is no need for translation and it will make your stay much more relaxing and comfortable.

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4. A chance to make new friends

Whether you are traveling alone or not, you can make friends regardless of their nationality at the guesthouse. Kimchee guesthouse provides a place for a gathering where you can share your stories and even make plans for traveling together.

Friends - How to book a Guesthouse in Korea

5. Various locations in Seoul and Busan

Kimchee guesthouse has national wide locations in Seoul and Busan, all in the popular areas for foreign tourists. With proximity to close places such as Gangnam and Hongdae, you can enjoy the city all day and all night.

  1. Hongdae
  2. Gangnam
  3. Sinchon
  4. Seoul Downtown
  5. Busan Station
  6. Busan Downtown

6. Exclusive deals with Korvia

With Korvia, you will get a 20% off on your reservation.

Also, Korvia came up with Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation.

For detailed information, please click here

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