Testimonials written by teachers who has been placed through Korvia.

Korvia EPIK Pre-orientation review

Looking to ease your mind when arriving in Korea?  Wondering how you would go about setting up a bank account and phone contract on your own?  Well, the Korvia pre-orientation package has you covered! Casting my mind back to the start of my EPIK journey, I remember reading multiple forums, researching many recruiting agencies, watching [...]

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Journey to the Wild Wild East: From Seoul to Shenzhen with Korvia

It’s a new year and resolutions all around us. What should you change about your life this year? Where do you want to be in January next year? What dreams are you ignoring year after year as you ring in another new year and STILL are working that same job, in the same town, with [...]

We are Citizens – Monica Cymerman and Benji Kostenbader

Perhaps we didn’t think this through. We were young American newlyweds, with a penchant to find and overcome new challenges. I always thought there were two types of foreign families who live abroad: those with formerly established life-long careers, and those who are comfortable with a very nomadic and minimalist set of possessions. We turned [...]

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Journey from Port Elizabeth to Shenzhen, China

In April this year, I quit my job. I’d been working at the same company for nearly six years in my small, sleepy hometown of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and I needed a change. I didn’t have much in terms of a life plan, other than to 1.) find a job as an EFL [...]

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