Please tell us about yourself

Name: Morgan Power

Country: United States of America

Age: 22

Major: Finance

Name 3 words that describe your personality

Determined, passionate, loyal

What made you come to decide to teach in Korea?

I have been interested in the culture for a couple years so I knew I always wanted to visit. I love working with kids and want to travel so felt this was the perfect t opportunity.

Do you speak Korean?

Sadly I do not. I’m hoping to study a lot and learn from being exposed to it everyday.

Please tell us how you prepared your teaching job

What program did you come through and why you decided the program?

I chose EPIK because I felt it was the perfect match for me in starting this journey.

When did you apply and which month did you start to work?

I applied in September/October 2019 and came to South Korea in February 2020.

What did you need to apply for the program/school?

You need a lot of different documents (some apostilled) and those should all be provided on the Korvia or EPIK website. Make sure to do your research!

What’s the hardest part in your whole application process?

Playing the waiting game! Once you’ve made it through a step in the process and have to wait, it feels like forever, but it’s usually always worth it.

How did your interview go? Do you have any tips?

I was nervous before it started but felt very comfortable during the interview. Practice answering some questions beforehand and don’t forget to smile!

Was it easy for you to get your work Visa?

Yes! Just make sure you have all the documents needed and it should be an easy process.

Name 3 essential and useful things to pack before your departure.

Passport, adaptors, money

Which city did you place? and what is it like?

Daejeon. So far I like it but since I’m here during the coronavirus it’s making going out and exploring a little difficult.

Describe 3 favourite parts in your city.

Daiso, food and I can’t think of another because I haven’t had the chance to really be outside yet!

What are your monthly expenses?

Housing Utility Fee: Not sure yet
Transportation: So far I just walk everywhere
Phone: Not sure yet
Internet : Roughly 25,000 won
Living expenses: Not sure yet

Tips for newbie Teachers

Useful teaching sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

I haven’t started teaching yet, but some good websites are korshare and waygook.

Useful living sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

Not sure yet

Any advice?

Be flexible and ready for anything!