Please tell us about yourself

Name : Ashley Sayes

Country: United States

Age: 28

Major: Hospitality Administration

Name 3 words that describe your personality


What made you come to decide to teach in Korea?

It is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. After taking care of other obligations and saving up, I’m finally making it happen.

Do you speak Korean?


Please tell us how you prepared your teaching job

What program did you come through and why you decided the program?

I went through Korvia after researching and exploring my different options. It has the best reviews so I decided to go with it.

When did you apply and which month did you start to work?

I applied around New Years, and my contract started at the beginning of March.

What did you need to apply for the program/school?

I needed my sealed transcripts, copy of my diploma, passport photos, fingerprints, etc.

What’s the hardest part in your whole application process?

The most difficult part was sending my passport to the local Korean General Consulate for my E-2 visa. It was nerve wracking to not be able to track everything.

How did your interview go? Do you have any tips?

The interview went well. I would say to just show your enthusiasm, and do a little research beforehand.

Was it easy for you to get your work Visa?

It was relatively easy. Just make sure to double check the requirements on the local consulate’s website.

Name 3 essential and useful things to pack before your departure.

Clothing! Especially clothes to keep you warm and undergarments.

Which city did you place? and what is it like?

I am in Cheonan. It is an urban city with easy-to-access transportation and conveniences within walking distance. There’s also parks and streams, as well as historical sites.

Describe 3 favourite parts in your city.

I still haven’t explored too much yet, but I like the cleanliness, the nice downtown area, and the great food options.

What are your monthly expenses?

Housing Utility Fee: 100,000 won, give or take
Transportation: 0-20,000
Phone: 50
Internet : N/A
Living expenses: 300,000 won, give or take

Tips for newbie Teachers

Useful teaching sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

Reddit, Facebook, the Korvia website, numerous private blogs

Useful living sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

YouTube, the Korvia website. KakaoMap and KakaoTalk are useful until you have phone service, since you can use them with WiFi. Make sure to get them before you leave your country though, as they need a working cell number to activate.

Any advice?

Just do a bit of research and have an open mind! It is definitely helpful to know at least a little bit of Korean before arriving. There’s several apps that are useful in learning basic vocabulary and phrases. Overall, just go for it and enjoy teaching in the beautiful country that is Korea!