Greetings fellow food lovers. It is the month of Christmas, which means it’s also the month of freezing cold temperatures. With the weather being so cold, I’m always trying to find something to eat that’s going to warm me up from the inside out, regardless of the snow and negative degrees outside. So with this post I will be giving you a few places where you can head to during winter that will be sure to fill up your stomachs and bring some warmth to your belly.

Menya Saidaime – Itaewon

Let’s start off with some Japanese ramen. Man, what a bowl of hot miso ramen can do for you on a cold winter day! This place is located along the busy streets of Itaewon, the restaurant itself is pretty small, and it’s good for dining with a small number of companions or even a winter date. It serves up some of the best ramen in Itaewon. I’d go for either the Miso Ramen or the Tonkatsu Ramen. One really couldn’t go wrong with either, and for 7,000-9000 it’s definitely a bargain! You can add on extra toppings if you want more meat, but there really isn’t a need to.  It’s pretty filling on it’s own. The meat is so tender and delicious. The broth is silky smooth, but packed full of flavors, and the noodles went down as a treat as well.

Be sure to order a side of gyoza too if you aren’t sure the ramen is going to fill you up. Either way, this place is delicious and the broth will be a surefire way to keep warm. For more details click here to read the full review.

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: @david.jjang

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: @checkpig

Butanchu – Sinchon

Okay so I’m going to keep the ramen flow going here and mention one more ramen restaurant that you should head to, especially if you are a BIG EATER! This next spot has refillable noodles! Yes that’s right refillable, and they also give you the choice of three different cuts of noodles, from thick to thin, and 3 different types of broth varying in richness. It’s on a scale of one to three, one being the richest and three being the least, so the choice is definitely yours. The place is usually busy because the price is so cheap. The price starts from around 7,000₩.  You can add on extras if you like. They have specialty ramens as well as a few other choices to add to your dinner.

The food here is delicious. You can eat as many noodles as you like, and the prices are cheap. What more could you want out of a winter dinner to warm up your soul. For more details be sure to check out the full review here.

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: @Joezinho

The Braai Republic

Another place I like to visit to get my grub on is a South African restaurant in Itaewon. They do some really hearty pies as well as some good pork chops and lamb shanks (all the kinds of food you want during these cold winter months to come). The Braai Republic serves up some solid food from sausages and mash, ribs, meat platters, and, as I mentioned earlier, some really delicious pies. The pies are filled to the brim with your choice of chicken or lamb; they’re mixed with spinach and potato, and I’d recommend the lamb.

The pastry on these pies is so fluffy and thick. It’s mixed in with tender lamb and all that gravy goodness with a side of mash or spinach. It makes for a heartwarming meal to get you all nice and warm before heading back outside to brave the cold.

So if you are in the mood for something hot and tasty head to the The Braii Republic and munch down on a pie or two, or if you’re super hungry or have a big group order a few meat platters and a round of beers! For more details, prices, and directions check out the full review here.

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: Mokjahfoodblog

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: Mokjahfoodblog

Quick-fire suggestion

Cali Kitchen – As mentioned before, Cali Kitchen does some solid burgers and burritos. They’ve recently added a Chili Rice item, using Chucks Chili (which is no joke), but now they’ve added a few things such as Mexican rice, some cilantro lime sauce, and a few other things to make it into a hearty chili you can order on these cold winter nights! Don’t sleep on the chili at Cali Kitchen.

food in seoul that will warm you up

Photo Credit: @jakeyunsulee

So there you have it food lovers, some places for you to check out while you’re out and about on these cold winter evenings. Be sure to stop in at one of these restaurants to fill your belly and keep the warmth flowing through your body.

For continual updates on where to eat, or where I’ve eaten be sure to follow my personal food blog here or my instagram #Mokjahfoodblog thanks for following along, hope you get to enjoy some of these places over the winter! Stay warm and happy eating!


Edited by: Yoyin Adenusi