Korvia was one of only three agencies in the country to be awarded ‘Distinguished Partner’ of the Gyeonggi English program in Korea (GEPIK) last Friday, December 4th. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Korvia has been an official partner of the GEPIK program and holds the most distinguished partner recognitions out of any other recruiting agency in South Korea. Only 12 agencies total were recognized as official partners of the GEPIK program.

“Even with the recent changes announced for the GEPIK and EPIK program, GEPIK will always be special to us. It was the program that made Korvia grow as a company and become what we are today. It was our bread and butter for a long time.” Said Korvia public relations officer Stephen Hattersley.

What does ‘Distinguished Partner’ mean?
GEPIK awards its ‘Distinguished Partner’ title to the top agencies that it works with every year. The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education or GPOE evaluates agencies based on professionalism, amount of teachers placed, as well as upholding the program’s standards.

What Does it mean to be an official partner of GEPIK?
Official partners are able to recruit on behalf of the GEPIK program to place native English teachers into English teaching positions in the Gyeonggi province. These agencies are responsible for helping take the burden off of schools for finding suitable teachers by screening applicants as well as helping them prepare for the visa process in order to teach in Korea.