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China is unprecedentedly making headlines on a daily basis. Mostly promising and groundbreaking. (We know what you are going say but let’s just keep it to ourselves. :-)) And it is happening so fast that it seems almost impossible to keep up. That doesn’t stop us, though.

Still, China, China, China, it goes on and on, constantly. It is all around us, and it is not going to go away anytime soon. (Whether you agree or agree to disagree, let’s be honest. China is making history.)

Now that we are on the same page that China is a big time don’t you kind of feel the need to put your act together and get ready for the future? In reality, you are all like, what future, why should I care and what’s that got to do with ME?

You are absolutely right. China? Out of nowhere? What gives? If you know us better, you would realize by now that we are here for a reason. WHY? Because we want to show you the way to something that will change your life for better. (Take a hint, it is going to be about teaching English in China through Korvia.)

Wait a minute, at this point, you might be also wondering, I thought Korvia only represented Korea.

Yes, we did until we recently joined forces with the respected teaching programs in China. Korvia is now officially launching its operation in China as well. Our very next move means a lot to us. (Don’t get us wrong, though. We still remain strong with other teaching opportunities in Korea. We are expanding our horizons to our neighbor, China.)

Teach English in China tall buildingsTeach English in China Girl on a chair

But China? Why China?

It was not so long ago China learned the hard way that intercommunication is key to their ultimate success. To turn the table, with their unlimited resources, they have steadily taken decisive action to connect with the rest of the world in a meaningful and consistent way.

Most notably, they finally recognized the importance of English Education and invested a great deal in cultivating the inclusive learning environment. As a result of their initiative, they are now passionately committed to integrating education into every sector to embrace the real meaning of education.

Good thing is that the results are paying off. Everything from sustainable infrastructure to efficient public transport networks to technology-based & eco-friendly lifestyle. Even though all we ever knew about China was pretty much from infamous Made in China products to the president Xi, that is not everything about China anymore. Only a small part of it.

With China making noticeable progress everywhere everyday, it is now a fact that old China we knew about is long gone. We could say, China is on track to making the country great again. (Heard that one from somewhere?) Is it ever going to stop? China? We don’t believe so. If anything, there is nothing to stop China. If it is unavoidable, we gotta make the best of it somehow.

So this article was created to prepare everyone ahead of time in the wake of China’s loud revival. Topped with their limitless resources, Education in China will take us all. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to step up your game. What’s more, you can realize a dream of yours by going hand in hand with their honest mission while getting the most of the experience.

It is our belief that you will learn and experience so much. That is the whole point of everything, right? Moreover, Korvia can make that happen for you. Just think about it. China has everything you could ask for. Wouldn’t it be so rewarding to do something meaningful for a change? Or if you think you’ve done enough time in Korea and you are itchy to pursue the next opportunity, this might be your calling. Unexpected but real good!

We can’t stress enough how China can be a great place to pursue your professional dream, teaching.
Don’t say, it is too good to be true cause it is true! If you apply with Korvia, your positive experience will be promised.

To help you make an informed decision, we came prepared with a list of commonly asked questions.

I am currently teaching in Korea. Can I apply now and what documents should I prepare?
-> Yes, you can, and you might all think, should I prepare my work documents all over again? No no no. There is no need. If you are currently in Korea, you just have to visit a few places as per our instructions. Simply put, you can reuse your documents including your CRC and Diploma.

I am still in Korea. How can I start the process?
-> Apply or reapply to Korvia while getting your two letters of recommendation ready in English.

I recently finished my contract period, and now I am back home. Can I apply in my home country?
-> Certainly. You just have to reapply to Korvia to restart the process.

I am happy with my life. I have never thought about leaving Korea but come to think of it; maybe, I want to embrace a new challenge in a different country other than my own and Korea.
-> This is no problemo. It is a natural reaction that you feel this way. Taking on new challenges makes us more human, right? We like that about you! Who knows? You might end up loving to live there and never want to leave again.

Why should we go with Korvia?
-> We will simplify the process for you. If you know our work, there is no room for question. We want what’s best for you plus we will be with you every step of the way. If you are navigating alone without any support or guidance for placement, hmm, you will be left with questions unanswered. That is where Korvia comes in. You can never go wrong with Korvia!

If you are interested in applying or if you have questions, get in touch with Korvia. Or to find more about financial benefits and the job description, please head over to our official website or send us an email at china@korvia.com

Zai Jian from Korvia-China Team

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