How to Teach English Camp in Korea Like a Pro

Just as your excitement grows for the end of teaching a semester, you’re thrown a curveball by the co-teacher. “You need to have a lesson plan for a two-week English camp by next week.” The anticipation dissipates. The clouds darken and that smile turns into confusion. English Camp? This was how I felt when I [...]

The Secrets to Classroom Management in South Korea

In the classroom, there are many strategies that will work for some teachers, but not for others. Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me manage my classes effectively in South Korea. The Lesson Planning Stage Preparation for a lesson is not only important for a teacher, but extremely important for your [...]

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How To Make Your Teaching Experience in Korea a Success

There are many things that will work, and then there will be many things that will not work during your teaching experience in Korea. Here are a few things that may help you with your transition into the Korean school classroom and lifestyle. This includes introducing yourself, class rules, having a routine in the classroom, [...]

Tips for Teaching Young Learners in Korea

Many new teachers in South Korea who are also new to teaching may feel hesitant about teaching younger learners.  Before coming to South Korea I was absolutely petrified of teaching kindergarten.  I thought they would eat me alive.  For some strange reason I thought teaching middle school or high school would be much easier.  The [...]

Thinking Outside the Square as a Teacher in Korea

Receiving a contract to teach in South Korea could be your ticket to one of the most amazing experiences you can imagine. At the same time, a teaching job here can present you with new challenges, both personal and professional. Whether you’ve just arrived in Korea or have been here for years, I hope this [...]