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The Secrets to Classroom Management in South Korea

In the classroom, there are many strategies that will work for some teachers, but not for others. Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me manage my classes effectively in South Korea. The Lesson Planning Stage Preparation for a lesson is not only important for a teacher, but extremely important for your [...]

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Tips for Teaching Young Learners in Korea

Many new teachers in South Korea who are also new to teaching may feel hesitant about teaching younger learners.  Before coming to South Korea I was absolutely petrified of teaching kindergarten.  I thought they would eat me alive.  For some strange reason I thought teaching middle school or high school would be much easier.  The [...]

This is How Korvia Throws a Party in Hongdae

Korvia, with the help of the wonderful Mike’s Cabin Hongdae bar & pub, welcomed all its new teachers for a night of fun, new friendships, and fun activities. Korvia holds three parties a year for its recruits; one in the spring, summer, and fall. This marks the 2nd time Korvia has hosted a teachers [...]

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E2 Visa Instructions for Transferring Teachers | Korvia Guide

Teachers that have finished a teaching contract in Korea and have already secured employment at a new school must transfer their E2 status in order to work at the new school. Luckily, those teachers won’t need to obtain new sets of the documents they already obtained before coming to South Korea. We have created the [...]

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Welcome EPIK Spring 2015 Teachers!

It was a long and arduous process but the EPIK Spring 2015 teachers are finally here! Korvia was at the airport to meet and greet with all the new arriving recruits. We were happy to see a bunch of smiling (as well as some jet-lagged) faces eager to embark to the orientation venue and the new [...]

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Korvia Fall 2014 Hongdae Teachers Party

Wow! We had a great turnout at the Korvia Fall 2014 Hongdae Teachers Party! The event which took place on Sept. 27th was held at Mike's Cabin in Hongdae. Korvia recruits and teachers got the chance to hang out with eachother, make new friends, and meet their recruiters, all in one of the hottest areas [...]

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Welcome Korvia EPIK Fall 2014 Teachers!

Korvia was at Incheon Airport last Monday and Tuesday to welcome all of their new recruits for the EPIK Fall 2014 semester. Recruiters and staff members had a blast hanging out with the recruits that they’ve only seen online until now. They also helped all the new recruits activate and get accustomed to their newly [...]

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Korvia & SayKimchi to Offer Free Prepaid SIM Card for New Teachers

SayKimchi powered by Korvia is proud to announce that they will be providing a free prepaid SIM card for all arriving Fall 2014 intake public school teachers. The SIM card will be available in both Micro and Nano sizes to work with the widest range of Smartphone models available. The smartphone that you would like [...]

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Korvia Teachers Party Summer 2014 BBQ

We had a great turnout at the Korvia Teachers Party Summer 2014 BBQ! We got to finally meet some of our new teachers as well as see some old faces! We fired up the grill and barbecues some hot dogs, ribs, bbq pork sandwiches, and had a great salad bar provided by The Four Season restaurant [...]

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