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6 Reasons Why You Should Teach at an Academy in Korea

Private academies are commercial businesses designed to give students an edge in various school subjects. With the demand for English education reaching new heights all across Asia, Korea is by far the frontrunner for out-of-school commercial education. Because of this, academies all across the country are hiring thousands of native English teachers to provide students [...]

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E2 Visa Instructions for Transferring Teachers | Korvia Guide

Teachers that have finished a teaching contract in Korea and have already secured employment at a new school must transfer their E2 status in order to work at the new school. Luckily, those teachers won’t need to obtain new sets of the documents they already obtained before coming to South Korea. We have created the [...]

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E2 Visa | Korvia Guide

The E2 visa is the specific visa for individuals coming to Korea as an English Teacher. The E2 visa is sponsored by educational institutions such as public schools, private academies (hagwons), and at universities. The visa must have prior agreed upon sponsorship by one of those institutions in order to obtain. An E2 visa is [...]

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Changes to Fukuoka E2 Visa Run Process (May 2014)

The Fukuoka Korean Consulate recently announced that from April 2014, they have changed the time it takes to process re-entry visas otherwise known as “visa runs” for applicants changing from tourist status to E2-Visa (English Teacher) status. Teachers planning to go on a Fukuoka E2 Visa Run need to note the following. [...]

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