SayKimchi powered by Korvia is proud to announce that they will be providing a free prepaid SIM card for all arriving Fall 2014 intake public school teachers. The SIM card will be available in both Micro and Nano sizes to work with the widest range of Smartphone models available.

The smartphone that you would like to bring to Korea to use with the free-prepaid SIM card MUST BE UNLOCKED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL IN KOREA. If your smartphone cannot be unlocked in your home country, it will not work with the SIM card provided in Korea.

The following smartphone models are listed as being compatible with the SayKimchi Mobile SIM (carried by SK Telecom):

Apple: iPhone 4
Apple: iPhone 4S
Apple: iPhone 5
Apple: iPhone 5S

Samsung: Galaxy S3
Samsung: Galaxy S4
Samsung: Galaxy S5
Samsung: Galaxy NOTE II
Samsung: Galaxy NOTE III

LG: Optimus Series
LG: G-Flex Series
LG: G2 Series
LG: D820 Series

Sony: Xperia Series

*Due to the wide range of models offered in various countries, Korvia & SayKimchi are not able to guarantee that every model will work. Please unlock your smartphone at your own risk. Korvia & SayKimchi cannot be held responsible for damage or invalidation that may occur from unlocking your smartphone or bringing it to Korea. Phones that were purchased in Japan have been known not to work with the SIM card (Sony phones purchased outside of Japan should work however).

Korvia teachers that would like to receive the free prepaid-SIM card must apply at the link given below by Wednesday August 6th 2014 in order to receive it at the airport for the EPIK Fall 2014 intakes.

SayKimchi Prepaid-SIM Card (For Smartphones) Application

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