As of April 1, the Korean government will implement strengthened procedures regarding the quarantine management of overseas arrivals in South Korea. We ask for your full cooperation; please follow the instructions below.

1. At the Airport (During Check-in)
You need to download the “Self-Quarantine Saftey Protection App”








*Short-term visitors who do not have a specific residence in Korea must undergo a 14 day quarantine period at an isolation facility designated by the Korean government. The service charge for the isolation facility is at your expense and costs a total of 1.4 million won (100,000 won per day). If you agree with the above, please complete and submit the Agreement to Facility Quarantine given by the Asiana staff. If you do not agree, you will be restricted from checking onto the flight

**Prior to boarding All passengers will be subject to thermal testing. Passengers with temperatures exceeding 37.5°C will be denied boarding.

2. During the flight
Please follow our flight attendants’ instructions to fill out and complete the Health Declaration Form and a Travel Record Declaration. Please keep your mask on for the duration of the flight.

3. Upon arrival in Korea
Passengers will be categorized as those with or without symptoms and be subject to the quarantine process accordingly. Please follow the instructions of the quarantine staff.

※ Transportation Information

– It is recommended to use a private vehicle if possible.
– Airport Bus : Only inbound passengers are permitted to board.
– Airport Railroad : Inbound passengers will be restricted from boarding.
– KTX : An airport shuttle will run exclusively from Incheon International Airport → Gwangmyeong Station. A special compartment will also be designated on KTX trains.
– Domestic flights : ‘Isolation Exemption Certificate’ is required within 14 days of entry

Featured Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash