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[2019 Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation Schedule]

12:30 PM – 13:30 PMCheck-in & Welcoming
13:30 PM – 14:00 PMKimchi Mobile Presentation (Prepaid SIM Card)
14:00 PM – 14:30 PMKEB Hana Presentation (Opening Bank Account)
14:30 PM – 15:20 PMSurvival Korean Lesson (Learning Tips)
15:20 PM – 15:40 PMQuick Break
15:40 PM – 16:20 PMKorea Survival Guide Speech 1 by a current EPIK teacher
16:20 PM – 17:00 PMKorea Survival Guide Speech 2 by an Expat
17:00 PM – 17:30 PMKorvia Announcement, Raffles, & Closing


[Why Korvia Pre-Orientation?]

  1. You get a wealth of expert knowledge and first-hand experience from Korvia Staff or Guest Speakers.
  2. You can connect with new EPIK teachers before the EPIK orientation & current EPIK teachers.
  3. You can open your KEB HANA Bank Account & Debit Card for your first salary and entry allowance. (Free of charge. No monthly charge!)
  4. You can get your a PREPAID SIM Card for your calls & High Speed Data.
  5. You can explore and make the most of the opportunities in the heart of SEOUL!

[Why Should I Arrive Early?]

  1. You need some time of your own to RELAX and REST up before the BIG EPIK Orientation.
  2. SEOUL! Life means nothing if you don’t get out there and enjoy yourself in the capital of Korea.
  3. Korvia Welcome Package: We offer a full package to Every Participant.
  4. Most strikingly, these days, anything can happen without fair warning. That includes major airlines losing luggage more than often so to save yourself a lot of trouble, please ARRIVE a day or two EARLIER.
    *Please avoid certain Chinese airlines as we previously experienced a high chance of lost luggage.

[Can I Bring A Friend?]

  1. YES! You can tag along as many as EPIK friends to our one-time-only Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation.
  2. If you want to get the word out, please share this event information with your friends!

[Where Is The Orientation Venue?]

KEB HANA HQ Grand Hall, Myungdong, Seoul

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