Sometimes a contract can finish early leaving you little time to prepare for finding a new job. The D10 visa was created for this purpose. A D10 visa is nicknamed the “job-search visa” and it allows candidates exactly that: the ability to remain in the country while searching for new employment.

D10 visas are valid for 6 months. If you have get a new teaching job with this visa, you must transfer your visa to E2 status at least 2 weeks before your contract begins. Those that are on a D10 Employment searching visa have a specific set of steps that they need to take in order to complete the E2 visa transfer process. Those on a D10 visa must go to immigration before their ARC expires as well as BEFORE their contract begins. This process will take about 2 weeks until your status will be transferred.

Below is a complete list of steps to obtain your E2 Visa if you are transferring from D10 status.

Step 1

Inquire with your recruiter about which hospitals in your area offer a full medical checkup that includes an HIV and TBPE test. Only certain centers are able to do this testing.

Step 2

Visit the designated medical center and obtain a full medical checkup with HIV and TVP tests. Request 2 SEALED medical checkup results from the hospital: 1 for immigration and one for your future school.

Step 3

Plan a date on when to visit an immigration office and make a reservation if possible. Immigration offices in Korea are usually very busy and only open from 9AM to 6PM. For a list of immigration offices in Korea and the areas they are located in, please visit the following official site.

Step 4

Obtain your original school documents from either your new school or from the Korvia office. Please inquire with your recruiter as to if Korvia is holding them for you.

Step 5

Please prepare the following documents to take to your local Korean immigration office:

  • ARC Card
  • Valid Passport
  • One Passport Sized Photo
  • Sealed Medical Checkup Results
  • 130,000 KRW CASH

*Price is subject to change

TEACHERS W/ OWN HOUSING ONLY: Teachers that own their own housing and/or taking the housing stipend from their school must bring with them a photocopy of their housing contract.

Step 6

Visit your local immigration office and present your application and the required documents to them.

Step 7

Wait approximately two weeks to receive your new visa by mail. If you cannot pick up the visa in person, please opt for the mailing service. This service costs approximately 3,000 KRW. Please request a temporary ID from immigration, as during the processing period your school might request your ID.

IMPORTANT: Due to immigration regulations, those transferring from a D10 visa to an E2 visa may not leave the country while changing visas.

For questions or more information regarding the visa application process for teachers that are transferring from a D10 visa to an E2 visa, please inquire with your recruiter at Korvia.