This guide is for teachers that are currently in the process of finishing a teaching contract in Korea and have already gotten permission to renew their contract with their current school.

In order to renew their contract, renewing teachers in Korea will need to report their renewal to the Korean immigration office that has jurisdiction over their school’s area (for a complete list, click here). This process applies to all teachers on an E-2 teaching visa. Those with an F visa or Korean citizenship do not need to report their renewal to immigration.

STEP 1: Find the immigration office that has jurisdiction over your area from this list.

STEP 2: Collect the following documents for your immigration office visit:

Alien Registration Card (ARC – 외국인등록증)
Photocopy of School Business Certificate (고유번호증/사업자등록증)
1 Original and 1 photocopy of signed new contract (2 contracts total)
Proof of Employment (재직증명서)
School Teaching Timetable with School Verification Stamp (수업시간표)
Visa Application Form (통합신청서)
Signed Confirmation Letter of Accommodation Residency (거주/숙소제공동의서)
Photocopy of Accommodation Lease Contract (숙소임대차계약서 사본)
Utility Bill for above apartment that identifies you
60,000 KRW of Fee for Visa Application

STEP 3: Make a reservation online at

STEP 4: Print out the reservation confirmation

STEP 5: Arrive at the Immigration office early on your designated day.

Your new visa will be ready and applied the same day. Congratulations on your successful renewal!

NOTE: If you have any specific questions about documents or making a reservation, please contact the main Korean immigration office foreigner hotline by calling 1345.