As Autumn washes the Korean Peninsula with vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the cooling weather allows citizens, tourists, and expats alike to settle into the beloved “sweater weather” temperatures. Ending the record-breaking hot and humid Summer brings the beginning of the Autumn’s cherished warm cups of spiced tea, enchanting sceneries of changing colors, and a multitude of festivals celebrating Korean culture, food, and landscapes. Along with the celebrations of Korean life, there is another annual celebration that brings foreign teachers together from all over Korea to spend time with each other, grow the community, and continue strengthening the familial relationships that Korvia Consulting has cultivated with its teachers.

Hosting two parties each year, one in Spring and one in Autumn, Korvia once again went above and beyond to celebrate the friendships they have formed while working alongside the English Teachers they have placed all over Korea. The Fall 2018 Korvia Party was no exception to the exemplary attention to detail and personalizations that Korvia applies to all aspects of their work. With over 100 attending guests, raffle prizes, and the good food, drinks, and conversation found inside the modern refinement of the Lazy Cat pub and lounge, the day in the International neighborhood of Itaewon (이태원), Seoul was yet another perfect addition to the continuing tradition of fantastic Korvia parties.

The party itself proved to be the perfect time for reunions between friends, teachers and recruiters, and an amazing time to mingle and create new friendships between the veteran and newly arrived teachers and other attending friends. For those that love to take pictures and keep their Instagram full of their adventures in Korea, the Hollywood-esque style backdrop and fun Instagram-Frame prop provided the perfect setup to document the amazing party with fabulous photos. Many have family and friends in their home countries avidly awaiting pictures and information of what adventures they’re loved ones are experiencing in Korea and the photozone gave the exact atmosphere to share with loved ones at home just how well the teachers here in Korea are enjoying their lives in this beautiful country.

Photo by Amanda Avery (2018 EPIK Fall)

As teachers were welcomed into the party by the volunteer welcoming committee of teachers and recruiters, armed with Korvia flags and excited smiles, the party roared to life. Among the excitement of reunions, food, and a complimentary drink courtesy of Korvia by way of their drink-coupons printed on Korvia Consulting business cards, was the underlying charge of prizes to be won. Twice during the party a raffle was announced and five prize numbers pulled by Korvia staff. Prizes from the first raffles included items such as bookmarks and an external battery. The second raffle nearer to the end of the party included three prizes like a tea set, and the most exciting and awaited First Prize raffle. The two tickets to Lotte Tower were won by Haley Mitchell in the final raffle drawing of the event.

Photo by Amanda Avery (2018 EPIK Fall)

If you have spent any time on the Korvia Consulting Facebook of Instagram pages, I strongly encourage you to find and follow them if you have not already, then you will have seen many first-time events occurring this year. The Fall 2018 Intake of teachers were privileged to experience the very first Pre-Orientation Party hosted by Korvia. The party in Busan allowed newly arriving teachers to meet some of the amazing Korvia staff that work so hard to help make teaching here in Korea a reality. As can be expected of any Korvia event, the Pre-Orientation Party was a huge success! It was there that many teachers enjoyed their first Chimaek (치맥) experience and began to understand the cultural significance of the meal.

Chimaek is a simple fried chicken dish which is mind-blowingly delicious and made just right. Korea certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to their fried chicken and beer combo, an experience called Chimaek. It is the meal Korvia provided at the first Pre-Orientation Party and for many it was the first time to try one of the beloved Korean favorite meals. If you wonder about its popularity, take an evening stroll along the Han River in Seoul and marvel at all the families and couples sitting out on mats or in tents and enjoying Chimaek. It won’t take long after the first bite to understand why the combination is so well loved by the locals, and it was the perfect welcoming introduction to Korea.

A special message goes out to all of the teachers that joined in that first party and meet-up in Busan- we sincerely thank you! Most heartily, we thank you for helping to make the very first Pre-Orientation Korvia Party such a magnificent success! Like the annual meet up parties for all Korvia teachers, the Pre-Orientation party will become another annual event for each semester as new incoming teachers are welcomed to Korea and the Korvia family.

Korvia’s first pre-orientation in 2018 Fall

Korvia’s first pre-orientation in 2018 Fall

Another exciting first event this year is the expansion of Korvia Consulting into China! Once more, if you follow the Korvia Facebook and Instagram pages you will have seen news of this development already. Recruiters recently returned from Shenzhen, China as the efforts to place teachers within China have become a reality.

Shenzhen is an incredibly diverse city located in the southern province of Guangdong, and so well laid-out that even navigation without GPS assistance is easy and natural. With only a forty minute ferry to Hong Kong, and access to China’s high-speed railway, you will find that there is always something new to experience. It also offers a vibrant atmosphere and social experiences of both expat and local scenes, and finding good food is never an issue as Shenzhen boasts many restaurants of authentic local cuisine as well as international options.

Korvia recruiters and recruits at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Shenzhen, China

This means that the Korvia family is growing to including English teachers not only all over the Korean Peninsula but also in China! It is well known how much effort our Korvia staff put into their work with us, and there can be no doubt that they will exert the same sincere effort and exemplary quality of service to their teachers placed in China as the expansion there continues to grow. So, if anyone is looking into a location change to China or simply looking into recruiter agencies to represent them, Korvia Consulting now offers this exciting chance to be a part of the family without requiring your destination to be within Korea!

For their hard work on our behalf, and the amazing and encouraging results of their focus on progression, we also offer a sincere “Thank you and Congratulations!” to the staff at Korvia Consulting. Your effort is appreciated and we rejoice with you in these achievements and new opportunities!