The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently announced via their official website that their data processing system had undergone IT changes in mid-September. Due to this however, the FBI has announced that the change has resulted in a processing delay for those that have requested a FBI Criminal Background Check in the past few months.

The FBI states that the processing time for a IHSC is now 12 weeks (not including mailing time).

Official statement from the FBI:

“On September 7, 2014, CJIS installed a new IT system. As a result of this installation, we are experiencing delays in processing. Please be assured that each issue is being identified and resolved as quickly as possible, but at this time anticipated processing time for an Identity History Summary is approximately 12 weeks. Allow additional time for mail delivery.”

So what can you do? We realize that at this moment, many of our EPIK applicants are either interviewing or have passed the interview and are waiting to receive back certain documents. EPIK has been made aware of the situation.

What Korvia Recommends:
We recommend that all applicants who are waiting on their IHSC contact the FBI and inquire about the status of their identity history summary check. Inform them that you are aware of the delay but would like to know when you can expect to receive it as it is time sensitive. After receiving that information you can choose from one of the two options:

Option 1: Wait
EPIK has been made aware of the situation and due to the majority of applicants being from the United States, it most likely is affecting many other EPIK candidates as well. You can wait and then when you receive the CRC, send it off for apostille, and then to Korea.

Option 2: Use an FBI-Approved Channeller
EPIK announced that starting with the March 2015 intake, they will be accepting IHSC’s issued through officially-approved FBI channellers, however that it is still subject to being cleared by certain immigration offices/consulates when applying for your visa.

Here is the official statement from EPIK:

“[For US Applicants] US Applications may apply for their FBI check via an FBI-approved channeller, but should only use a Channeller if they choose to do so; as well as the FBI check must be apostilled by the Department of State.”

There is the possibility that by using a channeller you might be able to receive your IHSC sooner than via the traditional method. Applicants that wish to apply for an IHSC through a channeller will have to apply for a second IHSC as well as provide finger prints again. Please note that each channeller may have their own protocol when applying for a FBI IHSC. For more information about FBI-approved channellers, please see the following link at the FBI’s official website.

FBI IHSC Channellers Information

List of FBI-Approved Channellers

Also keep in mind that after receiving your IHSC you will need to get it apostilled from the Department of State in Virginia (if mailing in) or Washington DC (if doing a walk-in appointment). For more information and the correct addresses, please visit Korvia’s previous article about the Department of State mailing address change.

Korvia Recruits
Korvia recruits for a variety of programs and positions nationwide. If you have already applied through Korvia and do not receive a position with the EPIK program, we will automatically move your file back into the “available status” where we can search for other positions as well as help you apply for other programs.

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