Have you heard? EPIK will take more aggressive charge of schools previously under the management of GEPIK.

How so? It was only a matter of time until we see this happening before our eyes. Over the years, EPIK made itself clear about the “big” plan to integrate some of GEPIK schools into their own. About time, you might say.

Now a large number of English guest teachers in GEPIK found themselves stuck in a situation we call, puzzling. But are you really going to just stand there and do nothing about it? Are you, really?

Nope, we can’t let you do that. We truly feel for you. That is why we are here to get you up to speed so that you don’t miss out on anything under your or our watch!

In this post, we will enlighten you about what this reform will bring about and how it will really affect you directly or indirectly.

Are you a GEPIK teacher? If yes, the first step you need to take is to find out about the chance of renewing your contract with your school.

Turns out, if your school will become a member of EPIK, well, sort of, and you don’t have a say in negotiating to remain with your school, you should not look back and JUST apply to EPIK as early as possible.

Do I have a choice, we hear you asking. It is a decisive NO. You don’t! If your school has decided to join EPIK for next year, what you need to do is apply to EPIK.

Still not following? We took the liberty of preparing some questions.

Q1: I am currently under GEPIK and I was given early notice that I can secure employment through EPIK if I wish to stay with the same school. Can I apply to EPIK through Korvia?

-> Before we answer your question, we need to know whether you previously attended the on-site orientation coordinated by EPIK. This question will determine your eligibility to apply to EPIK through Korvia.

1. Yes, I attended the EPIK orientation.

2. No, I haven’t attended the EPIK orientation before.

This is where things are divided.

If you are #1, you should apply directly to EPIK. If you are #2, you can apply to EPIK through Korvia.

Whatever you are, it doesn’t change the fact that timing is essential for securing your placement with EPIK. Got that cleared out, let’s continue.

Q2: Wait, if I choose to apply to EPIK through Korvia, what could I benefit from working with Korvia?

-> Okay, fair enough. You should weigh all your options to reach the best decision. That sounds about right.

To put it simply, we didn’t sign up for a job without knowing our stuff. Not only our reputation was built from strong reviews and years of solid experience in the field but also Korvia can fill all the blanks you have. That is why we can proudly say we can make your dream come true. Plus, you will earn a life-long & good friend. Korvia never turns back on you. If you are in need, Korvia will be always here to help. So what do you say? Did we make a case? Hope so!

Why don’t you experience the professional and customized service Korvia offers and decide later?

To apply to Korvia, you can follow the link and submit an online application.

Q3: If I apply to EPIK, is my spot guaranteed? Can I still work at the same school? How does it work?

-> Unfortunately, no. EPIK will not give your application special consideration just because you are transferring to a new job or renewing a contract with your school through EPIK. EPIK will equally screen, review your documents and finalize your placement just like any other applicants.

While EPIK will try to accommodate your needs and requests, you know how things work. Everything is not guaranteed and not to add insult to injury, you might not be happy with your final placement. That really takes things to a different level.

Q4: I liked the way things were with GEPIK but I think it is time for me to seek a new challenge and opportunity. What advice do you have for me?

-> There are other great positions available. As a matter of fact, Incheon made a comeback. Which means Incheon is part of the EPIK program for Spring 2018. Besides Gyeonggi, there are lots to explore, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Gwangju, to name a few. To find more, get in touch with us!

Now that your decision to apply to EPIK through Korvia has become clearer, what are you going to do now?

Here is the general outline of the EPIK process.

1. Apply to Korvia through the link provided. https://www.korvia.com/app_topmenu/?lcode=210

2. Submit your initial documents to Korvia. (2 Letters of Recommendation + EPIK Application)

3. Soon enough, EPIK Interview. Ta-da!

4. Pass the EPIK interview. (You will go through the interview process like any other. Good luck!)

5. Submit your final documents to Korvia after passing the EPIK interview.

6. Final Placement

7. EPIK Orientation

8. First Day at School (All over again!)

Sounds smooth, huh? We wish we could say the same but no. Chances are things can get a little tricky and overwhelming. Just overwhelming, not really. It is more than that.

We are not trying to scare you but actually helping you face the reality.

You have a full semester ahead and you are still a teacher, remember? You don’t possibly have enough time to prepare for a new job which you don’t really have at this point.

What is more, the list of your questions is endless and that is why we are here to save your time and money to guide you throughout the process. Let’s be honest. We need you and you need us!

Do NOT think EPIK is no different and you can just go with the flow. Trust us, it won’t get you very far. And as harsh as this might sound but EPIK cannot be your personal assistant.

What are you going to do if you are left with tons of questions and you want to talk to someone in a timely and professional manner?

(What documents do I need, am I getting things right?, what else should I be doing to make good use of my time? and how should I obtain the final documents?)

Korvia! We have all the answers you need and solutions to your problems. Moreover, we give you a clear direction so that you are not left behind. Also, we have other options to present. After all, you will need to consider all the options available so that you don’t have any regrets.

If that is convincing enough, let’s get going.

So what is next?

What are the initial documents?

1. EPIK Application (PDF Version) -> Follow the link to download the EPIK application form. https://www.korvia.com/korvia-epik/epik-downloads/

2. 2 Letters of Recommendation

(If you have experience in Korea, at least, one of your letters of reference should be from your current/former employer/school. Given the circumstances, if this cannot be realized, you should start talking with Korvia! We can certainly point you in the right direction.)

3. Proof of Education (Applicable to South African/Quebec applicants)

The list of required documents is subject to change depending on individual circumstances.

What about the final/original documents?

1. EPIK Application

2. 2 Letters of Recommendation

3. Criminal Background Check w/ an apostille

4. Bachelors Degree w/ an apostille

5. Sealed Transcripts

6. Teaching Certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, and Valid Teaching License)

7. Seoul Documents. (Addendum + Seoul Attachment Form) https://www.korvia.com/korvia-epik/epik-downloads/

8. Proof of Teaching

9. Letter of Education (South African/Quebec applicants)

Above anything else, the time is of the essence. If you want to land a job with EPIK through Korvia, you’d better hurry or it would be too late to even make a start.

Contact us now or submit your online application to Korvia through the link below to get things off the ground.


We look forward to making a new history!