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About Stephen Hattersley

Stephen is a web branding and marketing consultant from the United States. He consults with Korean companies and organizations to help bring western marketing strategies to eastern markets.

Why Korea Might Be the Best Place to Teach English

You just graduated from college and have student loans to pay off You want to experience something new while being financially responsible You want to start your teaching ESL career If any of the above describe you, teaching English in Korea might be a great option for you. Since the [...]

My Story of Using a Tax Professional to Tackle My US Taxes from Korea

“Please provide tax records for the 3 most recent tax years.” My stomach curled. I’d been living in Korea for 4 years and had never filed any US tax returns. I poisoned myself with the idea that it would be easier (and better) if I filed all my missing returns once I returned home. If you read my [...]

Flitto: The Translation App that Rewards Bilingual Users

Although the number of online translators on the internet and in app stores increases every year, language barriers haven’t become any less daunting. Simply put, online translators are extremely inaccurate. Paying for professional translation is expensive, and not everyone has a friend that can speak the language they need translated. Enter the mobile app Flitto. [...]