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Korvia: The #1 Recruiter to Teach English in Korea

With over 10,000+ teachers helped, Korvia is the most used and trusted Korean ESL agency on the market.

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Dedicated Support: With You from the Beginning Till End.

Our #1 priority is you. We believe that by hiring qualified and dedicated teachers we can improve the overall quality of the Korean education as a whole. We are with you through the application process, at the airport when you arrive, and the last phone call you’ll receive if you decide to go back to your home country. We’ll be with you until the end!

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Stay Connected: A Variety of Ways We Help

We have a variety of ways to keep our recruits up-to-date and prepared. Email Support, Live Skype Chat, Webinars,
Video Tutorials, Official Guides, and our Facebook Groups allow you to stay connected at all times.

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Services That Matter: All 100% Free to You

Korvia knows what it’s like to move and work in a different country. Therefore Korvia provides a number of services to help
make your assimilation into Korea as simple as possible.

  • Constant Program & Position Updates

  • Program Newsletters

  • One-on-One Recruiter Skype Sessions

  • Korvia Official Guides

  • Korvia Facebook Group Access

  • Exclusive Korvia-Recruit Positions

  • Email, Live Chat, & Phone Support

  • Application & Interview Guidance

  • Korvia Community Forum Access

  • First-Day Welcome Package

  • Airport Pick-up Service Assistance

  • Invitations to Korvia Teacher Parties

  • Exclusive Discounts at Saykimchi.kr

  • And much more!

  • EPIK, GEPIK, SMOE Program Assistance

  • GOE Program Assistance

  • Visa Guidance Services

  • Hagwon to Public Transfer Assistance

  • F2, F4, F5, F6 Visa Assistance

  • SOFA Visa Assistance (US Armed Forces)

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“Korvia blows them all away.”

“I have worked with other agencies in the past, and Korvia blows them all away. Korvia takes a personal and comprehensive approach to not only securing the right client with the right job, but also to smooth their transition into a new country. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I wouldn’t even think about using any other agency.” – Virginia Wood

Korvia’s strong reputation, fast response time, and excellent, approachable staff are what set it far apart from the other recruiting agencies I looked at when considering applying to EPIK, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do the same.
image icon testimonial marichelleccrick - Teach English in Korea - Korvia ConsultingMarichelle C, IMOE Teacher

The best thing about Korvia was although i had my one recruiter, if she was ever unavailable for any reason another recruiter would step in and treat you as one of their own. This feeling is worth more than any results.

image icon testimonial michaelklish - Teach English in Korea - Korvia ConsultingMichael K, EPIK Teacher

I used Korvia twice as my recruiter for GEPIK and they were awesome! They placed me in good schools and I am glad I used Korvia! Without Korvia I probably would have been really lost when coming here, but they guided me through all the steps in details.

image icon testimonial gloriachan - Teach English in Korea - Korvia ConsultingGloria C, GEPIK Teacher

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