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Preparing For Your EPIK Interview – EPIK Fall 2020

Are you nervous about your upcoming interview with EPIK? 'Fraid not! We hope through this short webinar, not only will you be better prepared, but you will go into your interview with confidence. This webinar covers When to expect your interviews for the fall intake What you should prepare Tips to go into your interview [...]

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Korean Sample Lesson Plan Tips | Korvia Guide

Help! I’ve never taught ESL before and I have no idea how I should prepare! Can you give me some recommendations? Often when trying to obtain a teaching position with a public school program in Korea like EPIK, GEPIK, or GOE, applicants are required to submit a sample lesson plan with their application. Some programs will even [...]

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Self-Introduction Video | Korvia Guide

A Self-Introduction Video is a short video that a candidate creates to demonstrate their personality, skills, and/or teaching style. The video is used to help market the candidate to schools. Self-introduction Videos are primarily used for the GEPIK program where recruiting is done on an individual school basis as opposed to the EPIK program which [...]

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