SMOE Contract Information

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SMOE Contract Information

Contract Term:

All SMOE positions are for one (1) year in length.

Working Days & Hours

SMOE teachers work Monday – Friday from 8:40 AM – 4:40 PM.

Teaching Hours Per Week

SMOE teachers will be required to teach for up to 22 hours a week. Teaching hours that exceed that amount are subject to overtime pay.

National Holidays & Special Observances

SMOE teachers will not work on Korean national holidays as well as special days determined by the school such as a school founding day. National Holidays are denoted on Korean calendars as “Red Days”. For a complete list of Korean national holidays and their dates for 2015 please visit here

Sick Days

SMOE teachers are allotted up to 11 paid sick days each contract term. Using consecutive sick days in a row will require a note from a doctor or physician.

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