Korvia EPIK-Seoul

What is SMOE?

SMOE or Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education is an educational entity and public school English teaching program sponsored by the Seoul city government that hires and places teachers into various districts around the capital city of Seoul. SMOE is one of the most popular public school programs due to it’s extremely urban lifestyle and international appeal. Applicants that apply to the SMOE program have the option of choosing both their preference for a school level (elementary, middle, high school), however due to budget cuts in the last few years, the majority of positions are at the elementary school level.

What is the difference between SMOE and EPIK Seoul?

Great question! The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education uses EPIK to help recruit and screen English teachers for their positions. Once EPIK presents eligible candidates to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, SMOE then hires those candidates and places them into schools that are available.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education does from time to time fill positions itself, not using EPIK. These SMOE applicants that do not apply through EPIK are found by SMOE themselves through domestic postings for those already located in South Korea.

Teachers that apply to be placed in SMOE through EPIK may be referred to as EPIK Seoul applicants, however the two entities are seperate. Once the teacher is successfully placed in the SMOE program, they are officially an SMOE teacher and no longer an EPIK Seoul applicant.

Why Should You Use Korvia to Become a SMOE Teacher?

Korvia is an official partner of both the EPIK program. With the majority of EPIK applicants choosing Seoul as their preferred location, only the best prepared applicants make it into the program. Korvia has worked with EPIK for over 6 years and know the ins and outs of the program and what you need to do to have the strongest chance possible of getting a position. Korvia helps guide candidates through the process and prepare all the documentation needed, giving you an edge over candidates who aren’t informed.