We tasked Kayc from the Mokja Food Blog with coming up with some extraordinary brunch locations for those that have trouble waking up but still want to eat delicious western breakfast food in Seoul. Needless to say, Kayc delivered. Check out these great brunch restaurants in Seoul that he suggests!

Greetings again food lovers, hope you have been eating well and keeping the cravings at bay since my last post. Today I’ll be bringing you some options on where to eat my favorite meal of the day, breakfast, or brunch, for those of you who like to get those extra hours of sleep.

Korea’s brunch culture is still on the up with more restaurants offering brunch and opening earlier. Be sure to check out some of the places listed below.

Travel Maker

The classic “American Diner” breakfast is one way I guess you could describe this place, and to be honest, it’s surprisingly hard to find a simple breakfast for a decent price here in Seoul. The Travel Maker combines both simple breakfast and a pocket friendly price range, unlike other brunch spots in Seoul.

The first thing that gets you when you walk in is the delicious scent of bacon on the frying pan and that smell of waffles being made. Either way, the smell of all that goodness in the air will definitely have you salivating. After being seated, you get a menu to look over and then you head to the counter to place your order.

“The classic “American Diner” breakfast…”

Travel Maker has all the bases covered in offering pancakes, french toast, waffles, as well as breakfast burritos, and sets with sausages and hashbrowns for those wanting something more on the savory side. It also offers brewed refillable coffee and iced tea (unsweetened) and a range of smoothies, teas, and juices. Everything is priced around 12,000W and below; so it is definitely budget friendly. Be sure to check them out and get your brunch fix.

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PC @yeonniep Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Photo Credit: @yeonniep Instagram

PC @Megaraalways Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Photo Credit: @Megaraalways Instagram

Left Coast Brunch

Left Coast, usually known for its burgers, has been doing brunch for a good while now, and I’m definitely a fan of this place after my first visit. On the menu they serve up a breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito, both of which I really enjoyed, as well as a blueberry pancake, loco moco, and chicken fried steak. They also have a few things on the side menu you can order, like mac and cheese, and they have a drinks menu to get something to go along with your meal.

The breakfast sandwich here was ON POINT, and the smashed tater tots and avocado were delicious. It was accompanied by a fried egg, american cheese, and Left Coast hot sauce and mayo served up with some seasoned potatoes. I could go for seconds of that sandwich any day.

The breakfast burrito is no slouch in the taste department, but it’s on the heavier side. So it’s good for those of us with big stomachs lol. The housemade chorizo, pepperjack cheese, and sour cream had my tongue tingling with flavor.  If you haven’t had their breakfast yet be sure to head on over and try ‘em out.

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Left Coast Brunch Itaewon Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Left Coast Brunch Itaewon Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Left Coast Brunch Itaewon Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Tango Du Chat

Looking for a more intimate place for brunch or somewhere for a small gathering of friends? Tango Du Chat can be that place, with it’s leather couches, outdoor patio setting and fancy interior. Luckily, the food is as good as the decorations. Their brunch menu has the usual options, french toast, eggs benedict, and a few salad options.

The winner here however has to be the pancakes, specifically the meringue pancake with mascarpone cream cheese and summer berries. This is the fluffiest pancake I’ve ever had, it was light but super thick.The fresh berries were laid over the top with the cream cheese. This would be my recommendation for you if you choose to visit here. The other options are also good, but the pancake is the best out of the options available. To see what else they have to offer here, check out the link below.

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Tango Du Chat Seoul Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Tango Du Chat Seoul Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

The Flying Pan (Blue)

The Flying Pan in Itaewon has long been a favorite amongst the ex-pat community, but with competition popping up all around Itaewon and around Seoul, it’s starting to look like the competition for breakfast/brunch is becoming a fierce one. For now one thing separating the Flying Pan is that it opens early, unlike a lot of other places in Itaewon. The doors are open for the early birds and those trying to beat the rush which is a bonus.

The Itaewon breakfast, which is a favorite of a good friend of mine who only goes there for that could be something for you to try out. They also serve up your classic french toast variations, pancakes, eggs benedict variations, as well as some classics including meatballs, sausages, and scrambled eggs. So yeah there’s basically something for everyone.

“…a favorite amongst the ex-pat community”

For a second recommendation I would go for french toast with grilled banana and ricotta cheese. The Flying Pan’s prices are a bit on the high side, but still offer up some good food, and like I said they open early. Head on over if you are in the area and are keen on some of the goodies mentioned above.

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The Flying Pan Itaewon Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

The Flying Pan Itaewon Brunch Restaurants in Seoul

Well there you have it, a few brunch places for you to check out the next time you wake up craving for some solid brunch food. We all know brunch makes our hearts happy and is a good way to start your day. I gotta say the meringue pancake with mascarpone cream cheese and wild berries is definitely the winner amongst all the breakfast items, but in terms of price, I definitely gotta say Travel Maker covers all the bases of a good solid brunch. Happy eating people!

-Edited by Yoyin Adenusi

-Photos courtesy of Mokja Food Blog@yeonniep, & @Megaraalways