Government running English training Center for Korean English teachers and students for the Chungnam district. A newly established clean working atmosphere and teaching materials. Reliable and higher paying position in Beautiful Gonju city, Chungnam province.


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Institute of Foreign Langauge Education – Chungnam


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School Information
Job Reference No. 6442
School Type Education Center
Age Level Adults and 11 ~ 16 years old students
City Gongju, Chungnam
 – –
Position Information
Contract Type Full Time
Contract Period2017-03-01 ~ 2018-02-28
Working Days Monday – Friday
Teaching Hours 18 ~ 20 hours per week
Working Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00
Class Size Less than 20
Salary & Benefits Information
Salary 2.7 M ~ 3.1 M KRW
Flight Support Round Trip
Housing Type / Allowance On campus (Furnished 1 bed room apartment)
Vacation 14 days per year + National Holidays
Health Insurance (50%) Yes
National Pension (50%) Yes
Severance Payment Yes
Working Visa Yes


Additional Position Info
     <Job Description>

     1) Student Camp:

  • You will teach elementary & secondary school students for whom several types of programs are offered: 4-day and 3-day immersion camps, one-day camps, and Traveling English Libraries. Student camps are a new concept whereby students study in real-life situations. This institute houses facilities which include a total of twelve venues including an airport, a post office, a restaurant, a bank and a hotel.
  • During student camps, teachers are required to work from 9am to 9pm on designated days. These overtime hours will require the teacher to lead students in performance practice and extra periods. Overtime compensation will be provided.
  • Teachers will be required to teach an elective course that focuses on task based learning (TBL). You will design your own tasks for TBL and such classes can include Science, Math, Creative Writing, Cooking etc.


     2) Teacher Training:

  • You will teach in-service elementary and/or secondary school English teacher trainees. The programs focus on improving their English proficiency and teaching methodologies.
  • We have two six-month programs and two one-month programs throughout the year.
  • You will be required to produce textbook materials for the teacher training courses.


     3) English Reading club

  • CIFLE runs an on-line Reading/Book Report Club program during the year which all teachers are required to participate in.



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