GOE Duties & Responsibilities

What is a GOE Teacher?

An GOE Teacher is a native English speaker placed into public school to help students learn English. Native English speakers are able to communicate a variety of more things than a regular Korean teacher could such as correct pronunciation, accent, grammar, nuances, etc.

What are the main duties of an GOE Teacher?

Your goal as a Native English teacher is to expose children to “live” English, work on their pronunciation, and most importantly get them to enjoy English. NETs spend roughly have of their day teaching classes with the other half spent lesson planning for future classes. The GOE contract also outlines the following list of responsibilities:

  • Assist Korean teachers with their English classes, jointly conduct English classes with Korean teachers, and lead extracurricular activities or English camps.
  • Prepare teaching materials and lesson plans for English classes.
  • Assist with and lead the development and creation of teaching materials related to English language education.
  • Assist with and lead activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities such as but not limited to editing or creating English documents, judging contests, conducting teacher training, working at English camps, etc.
  • Conduct English conversational classes or courses for Korean teachers and students.
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Employer including various English programs during the school vacation period.

What are additional duties of a GOE Teacher?

Additionally your school might require you to be apart of other activities outside of the set teaching hours such as English school broadcasts, school festivals, library reading hours, test creation, etc.