Global high school in Dongtan city is looking for qualified candidates for their ESL position. very modernized and fancy school which is looking for highly qualified candidate for their advanced level students. Housing provided but allowance is also possible. Prefer someone majored linguistics or Education but if they could teach Basic science program would be greatly appreciated. Contract terms and conditions follows GEPIK regulations. please apply for their March available positions

This position is currently UNAVAILABLE

This position is an official Korvia Featured Position appearing on Korvia is in direct contact with the school and further inquiries/negotiations can be made on behalf of the teacher by Korvia.

School Information
Job Reference No. 5460
School Type Public School
Age Level 16 ~ 18
City Dongtan / Hwaseong city
 – –
Position Information
Contract Type Full time
Contract Period 2016-03-01 ~ 2017-02-28
Working Days Mon ~ Fri
Teaching Hours 08:30 ~ 16:30
Working Hours 22 hours per week
Class Size less than 35
Salary & Benefits Information
Salary 2.0 ~ 2.4M KRW
Flight Support 1.5M KRW
Housing Type / Allowance Housing or Housing allowance (400,000KRW)
Vacation 20 days
Health Insurance (50%) Yes
National Pension (50%) Yes
Severance Payment Yes
Working Visa Yes
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