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Korvia Editorials

Editorials are articles written by members of the ESL industry in South Korea as well as articles written by Korvia to be entertaining and informative.

Ordering Takeout in Seoul – Food Delivery Service in Korea

Most of us have those nights where cooking is absolutely the last thing in the world we want to do. Whether you’re tired from a long day at school, uninspired by the contents of your [...]

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Is Chuseok All Fun and Games?

Chuseok (chu-sock) is a special holiday celebrated in South Korea on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. This year Chuseok fell on the 3rd of October [...]

Hong Kong – 7 Ways in 7 Days

Day One: Experience the best known attraction Hong Kong has to offer: Victoria Peak. Take a bus, a hike, or the Victoria Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak. This location offers stunning [...]

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What to do for Korean Holidays

You’ve found out the exact dates of your time off for Chuseok or Seollal and now you need to decide what to do. You could fly somewhere new, explore some part of Korea, enjoy Seoul, [...]

Chuseok in Busan: Travel Photos (a.k.a I was let loose in Busan!)

Follow our contributor, photographer Amy Benham, as she travels around Busan during Chuseok! 1. You must go to Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을)!   2. It looks like a toy village.   3. A colorful start [...]

Chuseok Fitness Staycation

The following article was written by Korvia.com contributing writer Jordan Taylor and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Korvia Consulting or its partners -- I should start by telling you, I only [...]