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Jordan hails from the United States and is currently an ESL teacher on Geoje Island. She loves to travel and experience new cultures from around the world. When she is not teaching or traveling, you can find Jordan in the gym. Having experience as a professional personal trainer, Jordan is passionate about health and fitness. She hopes to inspire others to find fun in fitness and other ways to stay active and healthy in South Korea.

Korean Hiking Culture

When it comes to sports culture in Korea, there is one activity that rules – hiking. Hiking is Korea’s favorite pastime and the most popular way to stay healthy and active for all ages. This shouldn’t be a surprise though, as Korea’s terrain consists of 70% mountains and only 30% habitable landscape. There are over [...]

Life on Geoje Island

When someone first starts thinking about moving to Korea, Seoul is usually the first-choice destination for many teachers who come here to teach, and I don’t blame them. Seoul, and other major cities such as Busan and Daegu, have endless options for food and fun. I’ve visited all three of those places and have loved [...]

Navigating the Korean Supermarket

The Korean supermarket was one of my first hurdles I had to get over when I first moved to Korea. Korean supermarkets are not wildly different from stores back in America. They are set up in a similar fashion with fruits and vegetables towards the front, followed by dairy products, then meat and fish in [...]

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Chuseok Fitness Staycation

The following article was written by contributing writer Jordan Taylor and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Korvia Consulting or its partners -- I should start by telling you, I only spent Chuseok at home because flights were not teacher-friendly and I wasn’t about to spend four times more than normal [...]