EPIK Program Selects Korvia as the Official Recruiter for 2018 again

Today, the EPIK Program selected the agencies as official recruiters for the year 2018. We are proud to be the chosen, and this marks the 9th year in a row that Korvia has worked with the EPIK program. First and foremost, though, thank you all our dedicated and hard-working teachers for their support. This [...]

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Why Should You Apply to EPIK with Korvia?

Korvia is now accepting applications for EPIK Fall 2018! The EPIK program is one of the premiere English teaching programs in South Korea. With it’s national scope and direct relationship with offices of education all around South Korea, EPIK is not only one of the most popular ESL programs in the country, but is [...]

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Survival Korean: Useful Phrases for New NETs

So, it’s finally happening. You’ve got your contract in hand, your plane ticket purchased, and you’ve been practicing your polite bow in the mirror for weeks. You’re all set to leave familiarity behind and embrace life as a teacher in Korea. Or almost, anyway. If I could give one piece of advice to new expats, [...]

Korvia Fall 2016 Programs

Korvia is now accepting applications for public schools, private schools, private academies as well as public language institutions for the Fall 2016 semester. While the majority of placements will occur in the month of September, Korvia will also have positions available from August all the way to December. The following programs and positions are now [...]

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Korean Sample Lesson Plan Tips | Korvia Guide

Help! I’ve never taught ESL before and I have no idea how I should prepare! Can you give me some recommendations? Often when trying to obtain a teaching position with a public school program in Korea like EPIK, GEPIK, or GOE, applicants are required to submit a sample lesson plan with their application. Some programs will even [...]

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Your FAQs About Teaching in Korea Answered | Feat. Traveling Nat (Video)

Nathalie from the YouTube channel TravelingNat stops by Korvia.com to share some of the most frequently asked questions she receives from her viewers about teaching in Korea. Watch the video above to find out if you're questions are included! Becoming a teacher can feel like an extremely long and arduous process. You are bound to have many [...]

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Closing Thoughts: My Experience on Jeju Island

Thinking back to life when I was in my early twenties and stateside, I often find myself laughing at how much has changed since then. I regularly remind myself to be incredibly thankful for everything I have here on Jeju Island.   In the summer of 2012, I graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina [...]

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Korvia Awarded Official Distinguished Partner of GEPIK for 2016

Korvia was one of only three agencies in the country to be awarded 'Distinguished Partner' of the Gyeonggi English program in Korea (GEPIK) last Friday, December 4th. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Korvia has been an official partner of the GEPIK program and holds the most distinguished partner recognitions out of any other [...]

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EPIK Address Changes as Headquarters Moves to New Location

EPIK announced this week that they will be moving from their longtime office with NIIED in Jongro, Seoul to a new location located in Jeongja-dong in Bundang. It is important to note that EPIK and SMOE candidates that are applying directly will need to be aware of EPIK’s new office address to ensure that they [...]

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