EPIK Duties & Responsibilities

What is an EPIK Teacher?

An EPIK Teacher is a native English speaker placed into a Korean public school; helping students learn English. Native English speakers are able to communicate a variety aspects greater than a regular Korean teacher could such as correct pronunciation, accent, grammar, nuances, etc.

What are the main duties of an EPIK Teacher?

Your goal as a native English teacher (NET) is to expose children to “live” English, work on their pronunciation, and most importantly get them to enjoy English. NETs roughly spend half of their day teaching classes with the other half spent lesson planning for future classes.

What are additional duties of an EPIK Teacher?

The school might have events and activities which would require you to be part of. These could be other activities outside of the set teaching hours such as English Camps, English School Broadcasts, School Festivals, Test Creation, etc.