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(주)코비아컨설팅은 2006년도에 설립되어 급변하는 글로벌화된 사회에서 차별된 채용시스템 그리고 과감한 변화의 시도로 항상 한발 앞서 생각하고 국내 외국인 전문인력 채용시장 발전에 선두주자로 달려왔습니다.

(주)코비아컨설팅은 국내 최대 규모의 영어 원어민 리크루팅 회사로서 국내외의 방대한 네트워크 채널을 갖추고, 양질의 영어 원어민 보조교사를 채용해 왔습니다. 다년간 1,000 명 이상의 영어 원어민 보조교사를 교육부산하 국립국제교육원 (EPIK), 서울시교육청 (SMOE), 경기도교육청 (GEPIK), 경상남도교육청 (GOE) 및 전국 시도교육청을 통하여 국내 공교육 영어교육 발전에 이바지해왔습니다. 현재는 영어교육분야에 뿐만이 아니라 기타 산업분야의 외국인전문인력 채용으로 그 분야를 넓혀가고 있습니다.

외국인 전문인력분야의 리더로서 수 년간의 노하우와 경험으로 채용준비 부터 면접, 서류준비와 입국 후 정착 까지 모든 절차를 기업에서 안심하고 맡기실 수 있도록 도와드리는 한편, 인재 채용시 이루어지는 저희 코비아 컨설팅만의 까다로운 절차와 심사로 각 기업에 맞는 적절한 훌륭한 인재를 신속하게 제공하여 최상의 서비스를 제공하도록 노력하겠습니다.

(주)코비아컨설팅의 믿을 수 있는 전문가들과 함께 더 폭 넓고 차별화 된 서비스로 귀사 인재채용에 성공을 경험하시길 바랍니다.

찾아오시는 길

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서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 305 (서초동) 현대렉시온 #2517
우편번호 06628

대표번호 02 553 6210
팩스번호 02 6442 6210

(주)코비아컨설팅 임직원 소개

image icon aboutus henryoh - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Henry OhFounder & CEO
As the CEO and founder of Korvia Consulting, Henry works with officials in the Korea Ministry of Education to create partnerships as well as with other business to ensure that the company is always delivering the absolute best.
image icon aboutus annpark - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Ann ParkFounder & Director
As the director and co-founder of Korvia Consulting, Ann communicates and creates relationships with schools all throughout Korea to ensure that each school finds the right recruits for their school.
image icon aboutus jessiekim - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jessie KimDivision Manager
Jessie is a division manager at Korvia Consulting. Her broad expertise in public and private school programs allows her to keep not only the company but also the recruits up-to-date with the latest policies and changes.
image icon aboutus jinarhee - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jina RheeManager
Jina is a manager at Korvia Consulting. She ensures to keep good relationships with the clients as well as conducts interviews with potential candidates. Her broad expertise in private sector allows her to find a good match between our clients and the teachers.
Thelma Jin 800 530 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Thelma JinAssistant Manager
As a recruiter at Korvia Consulting, Thelma conducts interviews with candidates. Moreover, she handles advertisements for all the programs that Korvia offers. Her expertise in public relations allows her to create excellent postings that give useful information to our candidates.
Rachel Lee Portrait - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Rachel LeeRecruiter
As a recruiter at Korvia Consulting, Rachel coordinates EPIK and GOE operations. Her diverse background living in many different places allows her to bring in a new insight on how to relate to the recruits on a personal level at Korvia.
Jessica Chung 800 600x400 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jessica ChungRecruiter
As a recruiter at Korvia Consulting, Jessica conducts interviews with EPIK and GOE candidates and assists with follow-up processes such as documents, visa, arrival, and etc. In addition, she assists with special events such as Korvia Pre-Orientation and Korvia Party.
Hailey Moon full min 600x400 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Hailey MoonRecruiter
As a recruiter at Korvia Consulting, Hailey conducts interviews and organizes documents for visa issuance. She focuses on ensuring our clients’ satisfaction. She is a part of China team and helps with candidates who want to teach in China and their follow-up process.
Chole 1000 min e1567501457458 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Chloe NamRecruiter
As a recruiter at Korvia Consulting, Chloe conducts interviews and handles documents from candidates. She also ensures that the schools are a good fit for each teacher and that both schools and teachers have a pleasant experience with Korvia. She will be assisting in posting any information on Social media.
Summer Seo min 600x400 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Summer SeoIntern
As an intern at Korvia Consulting, Summer assists with arrival arrangements and various events that Korvia plans, such as Korvia Party and Pre-Orientation. Overall, she performs administrative tasks and is a part of many ongoing projects. Contributors

Nat - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Nathalie CalderonLead Contributor
Nathalie is a travel vlogger and international educator who has lived in Korea for the past 3 years. She looks to inspire others to step out of their comfort bubble and explore the world around them.
Rachel - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Rachel Cassiline PinnockLead Contributor
Rachel strongly believes that her passport, pen and notebook are her powerful life essentials. With these tools she’s able to infuse her passions of exploring, writing and connecting with people around the world to teach and more importantly to immerse herself in different lifestyles and cultures. If she’s not collecting stamps in her passport you’ll find her in a cafe laughing to herself whilst writing funny anecdotes of her travel experiences for her website. Rachel hails from the UK and proudly boats the title as #RachelTheExplorer
Kaily Long - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Kaily Danielle LongEditor
Kaily has her master’s degree in English Education and is currently working with the Seoul Ministry of Education as a trainer for Korean public school English teachers. As an American who grew up in Egypt and now lives in South Korea, Kaily loves learning about other cultures and languages. When she’s not working or editing, you can usually find her at a café sipping coffee or at a library reading.
Atembe Giles - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Atembe GilesEditor
Atembe teaches ESL via art and other creative activities in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. After years of professional writing and devouring any book or text she can get her hands on, she is now strengthening her editing muscles with the Korvia team. Despite her busy schedule of teaching, traveling, and managing her own website, she always finds time choreograph hip hop dances, catch up on her favorite TV comedies, snap an outfit-of-the-day, and cheer for her beloved Tar Heels. Follow her blog about her passions: fashion, art, travel, etc. on
Sydney - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Sydney TankoBlogger
Sydney is an ESL teacher living and working in Daegu. She originally comes from Florida, USA; a place widely known for its tourism industry. She aims to help potential ESL teachers see the ins and outs of tourism across all of South Korea.
23224457 1508281252553532 200390472 o 300x200 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Lauren SmithWriter
Lauren Smith was bitten by a travel bug long before she got a passport, thankfully it’s not deadly to much besides her wallet. This of course means most of her free time, when she’s not teaching in rural Gyeonggi-do, is spent traveling and exploring new places and writing about them. You can read about more of her adventures (and misadventures) on her blog.
Jane - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jane CastilloWriter
Jane is currently working at Uiryeong city in GyeongsangNamdo. She likes to have fun and always thinking about her next adventure.
Amy Benham - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Amy BenhamPhotographer
Amy was born in the UK and grew up in New Zealand. She has travelled to more than 20 countries and has been in Korea for just over 2 years. She is driven by finding unique things in new places, especially focusing on street and underground culture. Amy uses her various experiences and creative abilities to photograph the (hopefully) lesser known things, events, and places so that other people can enjoy them too! Check out her insta and the online magazine about Korea she co-founded!!
Jordan Taylor - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jordan TaylorBlogger
Jordan hails from the United States and is currently an ESL teacher on Geoje Island. She loves to travel and experience new cultures from around the world. When she is not teaching or traveling, you can find Jordan in the gym. Having experience as a professional personal trainer, Jordan is passionate about health and fitness. She hopes to inspire others to find fun in fitness and other ways to stay active and healthy in South Korea.
2018 04 26 오후 1.20.34 e1525393733237 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Brendan Alex PhoenixPhotographer
“When you come to a Korvia party, Brendan will be there to take your picture. He’s energetic and loves to have a good time. Having come from the USA, Brendan has been teaching English in Korea since August of 2015.”
edmund r - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Edmund RustiaPhotographer
Edmund Rustia has been teaching English in Korea since 2006. As a self trained photographer, he takes pleasure in capturing random moments of life in Korea. You may recognize him on the streets as that person with a camera constantly buried in his face.
Arielle - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Arielle PukaneczCity Ambassador
Arielle is an American teacher that has been teaching in Seoul for 5 years. She spends her weekends finding hidden gems around Korea. Looking for a cool café or fun place to explore? She knows where to find it!
Angela Bost - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Angela BostVlogger
Angela is an English instructor from America. She is currently teaching English at an elementary school in Asan, South Korea. She has lived in Korea since June of 2013. Angela enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. She takes these opportunities and keeps record of them on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel, @BostLife, also consists of content ranging from beauty, food, travel, and so much more. She hopes to help people by providing entertaining and informative videos.
Tonya Bost - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Tonya BostVlogger
Tonya is a full time ESL instructor at a middle school in Gangnam and a part-time youtuber. Traveling, Korean skin care, and life as a tall woman living in South Korea are some of the content you can find on her channel. She also has a passion for food and trying new things where ever she travels. She believes that experience is the best way to learn and taking every opportunity to learn something new is a must in her everyday life.
Laura 1 - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Laura DeweyWriter
Originally from the UK, Laura has been teaching English in Seoul for almost two years. In her free time she can usually be found in the boxing gym, or nosing around art exhibitions and theatres across the city.
Jasmine Turner - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jasmine TurnerVlogger
Jasmine Turner is an American living in Daegu, South Korea. While she is currently working as an English teacher, she also runs JasmineTTV; a Youtube vlog where she documents life after quitting her job & all the experiences that come along with it. She has embarked on a journey to follow her purpose and passions. She is determined to spread positivity, help others feel “un-stuck”, and discover business opportunities wherever she can. If you’ve been feeling stuck or unmotivated, check out her Youtube today for a quick pick-me-up & entertainment.
rafi f - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Rafi FelicianoEditor
Meet Rafi: she’s cool. Standing at about 4’11”, she is actually, literally short, sweet, and to the point. Her origin story begins in San Diego, California, but her teaching career in Korea has brought her to Bucheon, and now, Gimpo. Ice cream is her kryptonite, and she’s all about finding happiness and good vibes.
lindsay m - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Lindsay McEwenEditor
An aspiring globetrotter from small town Canada navigating her way through big city life in Seoul. Loves good food, good books, and good conversation.
naomi b - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Naomi BlenkinsopWriter
Naomi is a kindergarten teacher in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district. When she’s not chasing her students around the classroom, you can find her in the kitchen cooking her favorite recipes or people watching at a cute café. She is currently creating her own educational website for children.
yoyin a - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Yoyin AdenusiEditor
Adeyoyin hails from the United States. Through her college coursework in Scientific and Technical Communication and English, coupled with prior internships, Adeyoyin has a firm understanding of the science and art that is Editing.
kayc h - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Kayc HilihetuleWriter
Kayc is a a Kiwi (New Zealander) that has been living in South Korea for the past 5 years. After eating amazing Korean food all the time, Kayc saw that sometimes we long for that taste of home. Kayc’s blog is dedicated to finding the taste of other countries, writing about it and making it accessible for foreigners to find and curb their cravings.
michael k - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Michael KlishWriter
Michael is from the great land down under, Sydney, Australia. Korea has been a part of his life for the past 11 years. He recently moved to Busan with his wife and children Tiara and Calix and is a high school teacher at one of the biggest technology schools in Busan.
andrew r - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Andrew RobinsonWriter
As your City Ambassador to Jeju Island, Andrew will be giving you regular updates and insights into much of what is happening in and around South Korea’s largest island and southern most province.
michael s - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Michael SmitWriter
Michael Smit is an American ESL teacher working at a public school in Gyeonggi-do. He has written for education sites and is currently shopping his short stories. His goal as a writer is to climb back to the peak of his career when he was in the second grade and wrote a story about talking animals that did kung fu.
korvia image contributor simon - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Simon McEnteggartWriter
Simon hails from the UK, and currently teaches ESL in Gyeonggi-do. He lectured in film and cultural theory back in the UK, but since moving to Korea he founded the Korean cinema blog Hanguk Yeonghwa and has written articles for Groove Korea magazine as well as the Korean Film Council. His ultimate dream however is to one day sit in a director’s chair and make something of merit.
jasmin l - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Jasmin L.Vlogger
Jasmin is a 22 year old English teacher living in Osan. She has experienced both living as an exchange student and English teacher in Korea and loves to make fun videos about her experiences. She hopes you can all walk with her during her journey in Korea!
heshina p - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Heshina PillayVlogger
Heshina is from South Africa. She has an honors degree in Drama and Performance as well as Media Studies. She has previously worked as an actress and model. Heshina currently lives in Seoul where she blogs and vlogs about all things arty farty, picturesque places to visit and fabulous food to try.
ryan e - (주)코비아컨설팅 소개
Ryan EllisPhotographer
Ryan is currently teaching English in Dongtan, South Korea. He’s always been into art, and has specifically been into photography since high school. Before coming to Korea, he worked as a media coordinator and substitute teacher.