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Korvia Awarded Official Distinguished Partner of GEPIK for 2016

Korvia was one of only three agencies in the country to be awarded 'Distinguished Partner' of the Gyeonggi English program in Korea (GEPIK) last Friday, December 4th. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Korvia has been an official partner of the GEPIK program and holds the most distinguished partner recognitions out of any other [...]

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Instructions for Teachers Completing their Contract in Korea | Korvia Guide

The end of the year is approaching which means that your current contract completion date may be coming up soon. This means It is time for you to make another decision about the upcoming year. You may decide to leave Korea and begin a new future in your home country or in another, or you [...]

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Korvia Awarded ‘GEPIK Official Partner’ for 7th Year

Korvia Consulting was recently awarded the title of “Certified Official Partner” by the Gyeonggi Office of Education for the 7th year in a row. The award and title makes Korvia a GEPIK official partner and recruiter to place English teachers into public school positions across the province. Korvia was first awarded the title in 2009 [...]

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Korvia Appointed GEPIK ‘Distinguished Partner’ for 2014

Korvia Consulting was appointed as a distinguished partner of Gyeonggi English Program in Korea (GEPIK) for 2014. Thanks to all of your greatness and support, we could receive this honorable certification for 7 years in a row. Being part of this distinguished program in Korea means that we are more than ready for helping you [...]

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