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Korean Sample Lesson Plan Tips | Korvia Guide

Help! I’ve never taught ESL before and I have no idea how I should prepare! Can you give me some recommendations? Often when trying to obtain a teaching position with a public school program in Korea like EPIK, GEPIK, or GOE, applicants are required to submit a sample lesson plan with their application. Some programs will even [...]

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How To Make Your Teaching Experience in Korea a Success

There are many things that will work, and then there will be many things that will not work during your teaching experience in Korea. Here are a few things that may help you with your transition into the Korean school classroom and lifestyle. This includes introducing yourself, class rules, having a routine in the classroom, [...]

EPIK Sample Lesson Plan | Korvia Guide

The EPIK Sample Lesson Plan or Demo Lesson Plan is a component of the EPIK application where applicants construct their own lesson outline for a grade level and English subject matter of their choice. The sample lesson plan is used by EPIK to see the lesson planning and teaching potential for candidates, and if [...]

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