Survival Korean: Useful Phrases for New NETs

So, it’s finally happening. You’ve got your contract in hand, your plane ticket purchased, and you’ve been practicing your polite bow in the mirror for weeks. You’re all set to leave familiarity behind and embrace life as a teacher in Korea. Or almost, anyway. If I could give one piece of advice to new expats, [...]

How to Teach English Camp in Korea Like a Pro

Just as your excitement grows for the end of teaching a semester, you’re thrown a curveball by the co-teacher. “You need to have a lesson plan for a two-week English camp by next week.” The anticipation dissipates. The clouds darken and that smile turns into confusion. English Camp? This was how I felt when I [...]

Closing Thoughts: My Experience on Jeju Island

Thinking back to life when I was in my early twenties and stateside, I often find myself laughing at how much has changed since then. I regularly remind myself to be incredibly thankful for everything I have here on Jeju Island.   In the summer of 2012, I graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina [...]

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Pros and Cons of Teaching Kindergarten in South Korea

Most English teaching jobs in South Korea are at private kindergarten academies. For many new teachers, their first year of teaching will be at one of these academies. Teaching small children can be a daunting prospect for many first time teachers with no prior experience working with children. However, if you love children and have [...]

Mistakes I Made as a Teacher in Korea (Video)

Mesmi from the YouTube channel MesmiLJas stops by Korvia.com to share some of the mistakes she made as a teacher in Korea, and what she learned from them. Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial! -- Are you nervous about your first year as an English teacher? Worry not! Here are a couple of [...]

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What English Teachers in Korea Want for Christmas

The following article was written by Korvia.com contributing writer Michael Smit and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Korvia Consulting or its partners. -- It turns out Santa Claus is real. Who knew? I ran into him at Starbucks in Gangnam. I asked Santa if I could take a selfie with him, but [...]

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Transportation in Korea

One of the best things about Korea is how easy it is to get around the country, let alone your local city. Whether it’s by bus, subway, train, or car, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your ideal form of transportation in Korea. Transportation Cards If you’re new to Korea, one [...]

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Food in Seoul that Will Warm You Up this Winter

Greetings fellow food lovers. It is the month of Christmas, which means it’s also the month of freezing cold temperatures. With the weather being so cold, I’m always trying to find something to eat that’s going to warm me up from the inside out, regardless of the snow and negative degrees outside. So with this [...]

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What It’s Like Teaching at a Korean High School

As a teacher who has worked exclusively in high schools during my time here in Korea, I can say with certainty that I have a lot of sympathy for every student who has to survive the 3 grueling years of high school in this country. The daily life of high school students in Korea is [...]

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Filmstrip: Dongtan – A Planned City

Just by looking at a map of Dongtan can show you that it isn’t a normal city. That’s because it’s a planned city, and its layout definitely shows. It is approximated that development began about ten years ago, but according to some friends that have lived here for a while, it wasn’t until the last five-or-so [...]

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