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Why Should You Apply to EPIK with Korvia?

Korvia is now accepting applications for EPIK Fall 2020! The EPIK program is one of the premiere English teaching programs in South Korea. With it’s national scope and direct relationship with offices of education all around South Korea, EPIK is not only one of the most popular ESL programs in the country, but is [...]

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Korvia Awarded Official Distinguished Partner of GEPIK for 2016

Korvia was one of only three agencies in the country to be awarded 'Distinguished Partner' of the Gyeonggi English program in Korea (GEPIK) last Friday, December 4th. This marks the 7th consecutive year that Korvia has been an official partner of the GEPIK program and holds the most distinguished partner recognitions out of any other [...]

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Instructions for Teachers Completing their Contract in Korea | Korvia Guide

The end of the year is approaching which means that your current contract completion date may be coming up soon. This means It is time for you to make another decision about the upcoming year. You may decide to leave Korea and begin a new future in your home country or in another, or you [...]

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EPIK Sample Lesson Plan | Korvia Guide

The EPIK Sample Lesson Plan or Demo Lesson Plan is a component of the EPIK application where applicants construct their own lesson outline for a grade level and English subject matter of their choice. The sample lesson plan is used by EPIK to see the lesson planning and teaching potential for candidates, and if [...]

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Personal Essay | Korvia Guide

UPDATED: 5/26/2015 A Personal Essay is a required component of almost all of the public school program applications in Korea. In it, applicants are prompted to write about themselves and their philosophy on teaching. The essay is primarily used as a screening method to see an applicants dedication as well as command of the English [...]

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Passport Photos | Korvia Guide

Passport Photos are photos taken that match the standard passport size of 3.5 x 4.5cm in size. There is no official passport photo “certification”, however the term is widely used to refer to a professional looking square photograph that can be physically applied to an application. How to Obtain Korvia strongly suggests that applicants [...]

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Korvia Now Accepting Applications for GEPIK 2015 Spring

Want the thrill of Seoul but all the comforts of the suburbs? Then you're in luck! Korvia is now accepting applications for those that wish to apply for GEPIK 2015 Spring. The GEPIK program hires teachers for the Gyeonggi-do province in South Korea, which is the area that surrounds the capital city of Seoul. The [...]

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