Seoul is an absolute surprise for the senses.

Whether you are in the process of coming to South Korea or perhaps have lived in South Korea for years Seoul can and will surprise you every time.

Seoul and summer loving Hesh from the YouTube Channel and blog TheHauteHesh gives us the low down on six of the best to see, sample and savor in Seoul!

Here is six of the best to see, sample and savor in Seoul! Watch the video above!

1. Gorgeous Gyeongbokgung

Now a national treasure to the nation, Gyeongbukgong was originally built in 1394 by King Taejoeng, the father of Korea’s most famous king, King Sejeong, both of the Joseon dynasty. A popular favorite of the palatial palace is the guards at the entrance who look so regal and so diligent in their given orders. I really think they add that extra magic to Gyeongbukgong. Make sure to catch a glimpse of them! The changing of the guard is held daily. For more information go this official Korean Tourism page.

How to get there: Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5 (Purple Line), Exit 2, Proceed straight and you can’t miss it.

2. Myeong-dong Market Mania

A popular favorite shopping destinations is Seoul’s Myeong-dong! Market mania takes on a different meaning in Myeong-dong famous for its tantalizing street food and mega name branded stores, but don’t let that fool you bargains are before you the deeper you go. Cash is king in this mini metropolis so bring it with you.

How to get there: Myeong-dong Station, Line 4 (Light Blue Line), Exit 5

3. Delicious Dakgalbi

Food is one of Seoul’s specialties so trying Dakgalbi, grilled chicken with other vegetables and my favorite tteoppeokki (rice cake) is a must! You can add noodles or fried rice to the mix and I suggest you do because boy oh boy, if you have only a couple hours in Seoul, this is a must!

4. Kimbap Cheonguk

With just over 10 million people in Seoul it’s no wonder finding your way can sometimes be a struggle. What to get if you want something fast, cheap and tasty that’s also quintessentially Korean well the answer comes straight from heaven, known as Kimbap Cheonguk which means ‘kimbap heaven. Take a look at this menu link to steady your nerves and wet your appetite and get ready to point and nod!

5. Gimme some Galbi!

Serious talk: Samgyumsal (pork bbq) and Seogogisal (beef bbq) with a side of Jumok-bap (rice seaweed and fish eggs) are an absolute must! This Seoul Friday night staple will satisfy a curious palate and fill any hungry tummy for sure.

6. Seoul Cycle

Cycling on the Han River and Seonyu Island comes highly recommended as a great way to start or end a trip to South Korea’s capital. At only 3,000 KRW (about 3 USD) per single bike rental and 6,000 KRW for a tandem bike rental it’s a cheap and cheerful way to travel around Seoul’s iconic river. Definitely a must do if you love people watching and learning about a countries culture!

How to get there: Seonyu-do Station, Line 9 (Light Brown Line), Exit 2