1 year old Private school looking for their full time faculty. It is in Pocheon city near Gwangreung Forest Arboretum, if you are interested work at nature oriented private school which offer 4 weeks paid vacation, please apply!

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School Information
Job Reference No. 5493
School Type Private School
Age Level 8 ~ 12
City Pocheon city
 – –
Position Information
Contract Type Full time
Contract Period 2015-03-01 ~ 2016-02-28
Working Days Mon ~ Fri
Teaching Hours 22 hours per week
Working Hours 09:00 ~ 17:00
Class Size Less than 25
Salary & Benefits Information
Salary 2.2M ~
Flight Support N/A
Housing Type / Allowance Housing allowance Prefer (400,000 KRW per month)
Vacation 4 weeks (1 week in Summer + 3 weeks in Winter)
Health Insurance (50%) Yes
National Pension (50%) Yes
Severance Payment Yes
Working Visa Yes
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