Notarization is the process of proving a document or a copy of the document is authentic and real for use inside the country that you reside in. Notarized documents are often required to later obtain an apostille.

Notorization vs. Apostille

A notarization is different than an apostille in that an apostille is the authentication of a document for use at an international level. Notarization is usually obtained from a notary public, but can also be done by a public official with notarization powers.


While the procedure for notarizing a document can vary from country to country, typically it will require an individual to bring an original document to a “notary public”. In the United States a notary public is often a parcel delivery service such as UPS.

An individual will present the notary public official with the original document, then the official will make a photocopy of that document and have you sign and write an oath declaring that the original document is real and authentic. Afterwards, the notary public official will stamp a verification stamp onto the photocopy. This photocopy is now notarized and can act in place of the real original document.