Korvia would like to inform all prospective applicants as well as current recruits that the Korvia office will be closed from Wednesday February 18th – 20th in observance of Lunar New Year (설날 in Korean). Recruiters will be out of the office and unavailable to respond to emails and phonecalls.

Sollal celebrates a complete cycle of the moon rotating around the earth. While westerners tend to only celebrate an official full rotation of the Sun around the Earth, typically in Asia, Asian countries will celebrate both with more of an emphasis on the Lunar New Year. Sollal along with Chuseok is the time of the year that most Koreans will travel to their family’s hometown to celebrate the event.

We hope that all our current teachers also have a wonderful break from school! Remember that Sollal is one of the biggest travel periods for Koreans, so be warned that the roads and freeways will be severely congested!

Happy New Year!

Featured Image courtesy of Thaispa.co.kr