Welcome to Korea via Korvia! It is our pleasure to provide you convenient banking services through KEB Hana Banka respected Korean bank with strong Expat Banking services – by opening an account with them through a super-smooth process. We’d like to share some information that can help you enjoy a more comfortable and convenient banking experience in Korea.

1. Two types of PINs

You will receive and use two kinds of numerical PINs: a 4-digit one and a 6-digit one.

A. The 4-digit one is your PIN for banking, entered on the branch keypad and at ATMs
B. The 6-digit one is your temporary Internet Banking password.

The default PINs set up for you are the last 4 digits and the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), Tax ID Number (TIN), or National Insurance Number (NINO) for UK citizens. 
You need to change the 4-digit PIN at your nearby KEB Hana branch, but you will change the 6-digit one yourself on your home PC or laptop. To make your own Internet Banking password, create a password using a combination of letters and numbers (6 to 15 characters). You don’t want to use easily-guessed numbers like a birthday, name, or street address.

[Two Example PINs]
Example SSN/TIN: 12345678 / NINO (UK Citizens): 12345678a
*4 digit PIN Number: 5678 / 6 digit PIN Number: 345678

2. All-in-One Banking Bundle: The ‘Easy One Pack’

Korvia and bank staff enrolled you in a bundled services package called the Easy One Pack. It contains everything you need to get started: a Deposit (salary) account; a Debit card (called a ‘Check card’); an Internet Banking account; and the ‘easy-one’ Overseas Remittance account for sending money home. When you enrolled, you wrote down an Internet Banking User ID on your application form. You will use that User ID to log in to Internet Banking or Smartphone Banking. The two e-banking services use the same combination of ID and password. (To install the English-language phone app, search your Android or Apple app store using the keywords “Hana EZ App.

*Go to your app store and search “Hana EZ App” for installation

KEB Hana Bank Easy One Pack includes,
A. Deposit (Saving) Account
B. Debit (Check) Card
C. Internet Banking
D. Overseas Remittance

*Guide to Finance Service URL (https://goo.gl/tJiDxj)

KORVIA PRO TIP: Watch the below video for how to use the app.

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3. Update Your Bank ID to Your Alien Registration Card (ARC) Number (It is not mandatory)

Once you get your ARC, you can to update and change your bank Customer ID to the ARC number by bringing your alien registration card (ARC) to your nearby KEB Hana Bank branch. You need to bring your actual card to the branch. From then on, it will serve as your “official photo ID” when you visit the bank, so do have it with you every time you go. Korean banking law requires you to show a photo ID every time you visit, so don’t leave home without it! In a few cases, such as when exchanging a large amount of Korean won for foreign currency banknotes, you will also need your passport, but those cases are pretty rare.






[How to switch your ID with your ARC]

1. Obtain your new Alien Registration Card
2. Complete a KEB Hana Bank account application form
3. Visit your KEB Hana branch with the ARC and your passport and show them to a teller

KORVIA PRO TIP: Check your ARC and Bank book’s registered name and match both names for future sign up for other Korean services such as cell phone and internet shopping.

*KEB Hana Bank is operating Sunday banking in some cities. Please check the list and visit the Sunday banking branch to update your personal information.
*List of Sunday Banking Branch (https://goo.gl/K7WVsv)