Our contributor, City Ambassador Arielle Pukanecz, knows all about the coziest cafes in Seoul!

What’s the best way to stay warm in winter? A cozy cafe!

Many of us are tired of exploring the same neighborhoods over and over again. The super cool neighborhood of Seungsu-dong, located on subway Line 2 in Seoul, is a great alternative to the usual spots.

Seungsu has a long history of handmade shoes and a ton of abandoned warehouses which have been converted into unique cafes, pop-ups, galleries, and communal spaces. The café featured here, Café & Other, is located just next to Seoul Forest. It’s a great option with its winter-friendly outdoor spaces and chic indoor décor.

A few other places not to miss in Sengsu are Urban Space (they have an indoor ball pit for adults); Supy (a clothing store-cafe combo with art pop-ups); and Baesan (a tea café in a hip warehouse with art on every wall).

If all of these amazing places are not enough to convince you to head to Seungsu-dong, what if I told you that feeding deer is also possible? In Seoul Forest, you can visit a green escape in the middle of the city, as well as experience the deer park and beautiful pathways.

I hope you find a cozy café in Seungsu to snuggle up in, with tea and awesome music! Don’t forget to bring your friends!


Contributed by Arielle Pukanecz
Edited by Atembe Giles
Lead Contributor Nathalie Calderon